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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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things that the average person yeah they don't experience in their life form sent yeah is working at that top little top level of the feeling of of %HESITATION focus was there were you called in the zone yeah where it kind almost become slightly out of body you're now it's happening it's just happening I would imagine like you kinda melt away and you're just completely involved when I ask when I think about what I have to do like let's say as an example coming in for a pit stop and you got your throttle break clutch gears all the different things that you have to do %HESITATION to think about it logically what you have to do is so much more confusing than just going on instinct of like just do it on because you have to you know use do you only have to Phoebe of three pedals and you have to use all three pedals at some point time but you want to be ready for everything in you you're coming in like with the collection on the break but then you have to get back to the get to the gate to the throttle just in time but you have to the collection and you have to hold the break so you make sure you don't roll there's all kinds of things have to do using all three pedals which of two feet and so when you kind of have to think about what you have to do it's a little more overwhelming than just doing it to drive a manual in real life I would I love it easy yeah I do too but yeah yeah but I mean a lot of people it seems like it's kind of a dying thing man is I mean even Indy cars on to paddle shifting before I was done it was H. pattern and then it was sequential gearbox and then it was paddle shifting and then but NASCAR NASCAR still stuck at the O. H. pattern that left leg is important for the whole feel of the thing right well especially in an Indy car in any car you actually have a full on dead pedal so you have all three pedals and then you have a dead pedal which is is important because you spend a lot of time with your foot there but it is part of the feel it is absolutely part of the feel of the car special with all the G. loads how did you get involved in racing %HESITATION iris go carts and I was a kid %HESITATION my sister and my sister on interest go carts and I just didn't want to get left out so turned out I was alright and I kept going but it's it's a very unusual path yeah well I mean I did everything though I was %HESITATION I've played like coach pitch than tee ball I was in the band the choir I took voice lessons I was a that played basketball volleyball cheerleading %HESITATION I played in every sport %HESITATION tumbling classes and then I also tried racing so you've always been intense mia now for sure did you notice certain means that you want to be a race car driver well when I was ten I decided that I wanted to go to college for engineering so I could learn how to work on my race car and I realize that I do not ahead yeah that's what I thought now I did I didn't learn to be an engineer so you could work and race could you know if you understand how crazy that is when I was ten years ago to be thinking that well I don't know how do you think you're born that way here Meinhold's like what do you think about that like to be thinking that way when I'm ten years old like you know some people are just so much different for more mature further along is it %HESITATION why do you think that is a very good question I don't and I think it's entirely possible that memory gets transferred through DNA and that there are certain people that have a long line of adventurous people in the family and that gets transferred to the DNA of the children I think it's entirely possible I have I've not really does not a spiritual reincarnation not maybe I mean look at stats and that's entirely possible to I would never I would never say no to that because if you're living this life I mean nobody asked to live this life you just hear right who knows if you get to do it again I mean what we're assuming that you don't get to do it again because we're assuming that time goes on the sort of linear way but maybe just does for you in this life it's entirely possible that there's an infinite number of lives being lived out in an infinite time lines all simultaneously which is experiencing this one we don't even know what happens when we sleep you go to sleep because your eyes left some crazy dream about Godzilla chasing you when you're on a skateboard you wake up in the morning and you just assume that you're on the same timeline they were on before you know because you have not on the astral who knows I don't you know I have children in in one of things it's really fascinating about watching a child develop from a baby to you know a kid and see their personalities like you realize like there's a lot of stuff that's just that's what they come with the attitude that I'm saying so just different why you know why why was I thinking about being an engineer and I was ten years old why was I brave enough to go live in England by myself when I was sixteen and all good with it and you know why why why why my intent what it why was I intense when you met me it was there that I don't mean like yeah well I think part of your intensity is probably if I had to guess if I could be presumptuous you're a woman involved in a very manly activity and I'm sure man probably test you in some sort of a weird way and so I bet along the way you've developed this