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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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at wounds with crystals and essential oils is satire thank you sensual oils don't you think there's a plant that cures everything out there there probably is something like that in the Amazon though maybe not cures everything but there's probably a lot of stuff that's our essential oils come from right now so that up with some high vibrational stones high vibrational stones rule hence so %HESITATION back to my sponsor leaving the sponsor leaving you you'll yes it is just that never happened before I've always been someone that's been really well funded and always had a sponsor always had a sponsor never a problem and so %HESITATION yeah it was just things like that were happening again in a few big racks in a row like probably three and six weeks that were who you know like I was bawling in the Medical Center after the third one going well I mean I was running like top ten in a car blew a rotor and click me and put me in the wall I was on fire another driver broke his back I mean it was a huge accident and I'm like what is the what is the message what is someone trying to tell me right now and so you know after I collected my **** and got my face looking like halfway decent to go talk to the media out there I finally got out but yeah just stuff like that was happening and I was I was in a very go with the flow mood in two thousand seventeen I wasn't pushing for anything because I wasn't really sure what I wanted so I just let the universe take care of it you've got a very interesting way of looking at things you eat when things go wrong you're like what is the universe trying to tell me it's not like well I drive really ****ing fast for a living had sometimes **** goes wrong nothing happens to I mean it seems like car racing is just inherently crazy I mean that's what I was saying what I'm saying you do one of the craziest things you can for a living going to hundred forty miles an hour is no joke yeah and metal and lumber and things just got president yet trust in something when you're out there because you're doing like you said two hundred plus miles an hour with you know people that are your friends around you within walls around you as well so you know you kinda gotta put your trust in something else yeah that's what I was getting at that because I think the way you think is of the a lot it's very similar to the way fighter pilots think fighter pilots have a lot of weird superstitions and a lot of a lot of pilots do a lot of people that are involved in intense things it's almost like in order to get through the the task at hand you almost have to delegate certain aspects of reality to teach to fate or to trance or two right yeah I believe that yeah I mean they have a tattoo on my back one of his own merits an American flag I got that when I was nineteen sick American flag that fades to a checkered flag and then there's %HESITATION and then that when I was nineteen when I was about twenty seven I went and got the rest which was %HESITATION angel wings and some stars and %HESITATION you know it's not the most beautiful piece art but it means something to me it will be really beautiful in thirty years I'm sure forty %HESITATION but it's %HESITATION but yeah I my point is is that I would definitely pray that you know I was taking care of and you got a hand that often just go do your damn job and not be afraid and just trust in the fate of everything and now so that's kind of where the angel wings but I think that people do that too inherently risky things oftentimes look for signs or look for some sort of you know some direction some some yeah message from the universe and that's why I was well I mean I feel like as a race car driver I've thought about this a lot lately and I wonder how much of our job is a little less even just feeling what's happening and how much is actually maybe more intuitive like maybe where maybe we're having more intuitive understanding what's going on and what's coming then we realize we just are so %HESITATION everything's happening so fast and that you you just thank all I'm I have really good feel you know I mean I'm sure there's some of that too but %HESITATION so I think that maybe maybe or maybe maybe athletes are people at an elite level or more in touch with that intuitive side that %HESITATION finite like last thread of feel maybe it's beyond feel knowing that makes sense I mean if you think about the amount of time that you spent involved in that intense activity in this you know they say that people get road rage for that one of the reasons why people get road rage is because when you're driving you are reacting to things that could happen instantaneously very quickly so your body is at a very heightened state when people do you know someone cuts you off your feet start freaking out like instantly they go from one to ten right away and the reason is because they're always at seven and they don't even realize there at seven in the car when you are probably at like thirteen this one goes to eleven yeah you can you cranked up ray and so you're probably seeing things and feeling things that the average person yeah they don't experience in their life form sent yeah is working at that top little top level of