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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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money and that's it no gimmicks just cold hard digital cash super simple to use and very convenient download the free square cash app for iOS or android now what like that part of the unlimited vibrant my guest today is awesome I mean wanna talk about it out liar she is a world famous race car driver and just an all around bad ass please welcome janica Patrick the Joe Rogan experience hello Daniel Patrick Hey welcome to the show thank you thanks for doing this I appreciate it I'm excited to be here your intense lady nylon density when I met you like right away I'm like whoa so take this one in well you know it's the handshake and then it's the you know when someone actually looks in the I know you have to be tense I mean what you do for a living is probably one of the craziest things a human being can do thanks so it's up there for a job I how fast you go are a two hundred dollars I mean like you know NASCAR's top speed is probably two fifteen Indy cars maybe more like two forty yeah I'm gonna do the Daytona five hundred next month and then the Indy five hundred in may so %HESITATION those are going to be my last few races so glass ones ever mia really yeah it's so this is my down a double goodbye tour why doing that how come you doing a damn good doubled to buy coke is it enough is enough I'm ready %HESITATION I mean I love racing but I love other things too so %HESITATION you know I'm okay with transitioning out and there is a lot of things are gonna just pointing me in this direction them in two thousand seventeen stuff that has never happened to me before %HESITATION to kind of yeah head towards the exit a little bit but I'm good with that I'm a very decisive person so this is probably one of them that I thought about a little bit %HESITATION as far as like how to be done or or if to be done I guess but %HESITATION the how is the hardest part my agent kept calling and saying what about this and what if you did that and like now now now you'll need to get ready for me to be done please while and does so then he came up with that is like what if you finish up at the at Daytona for the five hundred miles like but the Indy five hundred he goes and I was really only referring to the Indy five hundred in his like I'd I'd love you to do both that's like oh well that's a good idea so %HESITATION there's this thing in racing called the double which is doing the Indy five hundred %HESITATION on Memorial Day weekend on Sunday and then flying straight to Charlotte to do the coke six hundred afterwards and that's kind of known as the double %HESITATION but this is what we're coming down a double and it has to do with just having spent you know a chunk of my career in Indy car to check my career NASCAR and it just kind of feel like the right way to go out I don't know it didn't it it wasn't clear it was a bit of a murky end as far as like what's going to happen in my gonna race next year full time or not and it just kind of went suit too long for me to have like a proper I am done sort of moment in my head so this was just a great way to do it so when you say that things happen in two thousand seventeen that didn't happen before equity means I got a sponsor leave me my primary sponsor left at the beginning of the year I mean I'm I signed a contract because wrecked it when we're carriers and retrograde so you know I screwed myself there I don't know I don't know if it was true so I guess maybe the universe is a little bit more straightforward than we think a lot of good things probably happened during that time just into that in seventeen order adversary and murdered in retrograde even in that set of look for some sort of like hidden meaning to things when it comes to like astrology yeah yeah I do try and understand it it's quite I'm trying to understand how it really matters but I don't know there's definitely some things at least with the moon that goes on I mean the water changes with the moon so does not mean that nothing should too whether it be energetically or something like that I think the the water in the moon thing kinda makes sense a little bit a bit but I think it's probably just like barely one way or the other yeah maybe it's a whisper in the wind can yeah I think it's more in your head so stop putting my crystals outside to charge under the full moon maybe not so important I would say it's not that important to some something someone sent me about the army using crystals and I was like this is got to be like an onion article that the art of the army was using crystals for like mad exceed six think if you could see it find that way to finance yes is lower tells a wounded people yeah I look at the stupid **** I don't I don't not sure if it's real US army's new holistic medics treating gunshot wounds with crystals and essential oils is satire thank you sensual oils don't you think there's a plant that cures everything out there there probably is something like the