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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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rent him he's going to come on here sometime in February and they're going to he's going to talk to a guy who %HESITATION believe the earth is flat made fun of that guy too he's like let me show you a reflection of what it looks like if the earth was flat you know of course it's in a shadow of a flat line its like course that's not true well course is not true but there's a lot of young people out there today that believe the earth is flat do you believe the earth is flat no idea small certainly do not but I think it's why did I mean do they could I not think we actually go in outer space and are unknown to think that that's fake too but I think it's just a matter of think we landed on the moon if there is anything that I think is one of the more attractive conspiracy theories it's the moon landing one because the only time they did it was between nineteen sixty nine in nineteen seventy two they did seven mission six were successful and that's the only time in human history the people have been more than I think four hundred miles above the earth's surface everything else all the space shuttle missions all of the US space station missions all that stuff is inside four hundred miles the moon is like two hundred sixty thousand miles there and back and they've never incense a chicken in the space and had come back alive they never said anything the space other than people like into deep space past the van Allen radiation belt packs the magnetosphere I think most likely we want but if there is ever a conspiracy theory that's attractive to me it's that one because I just think it would be fascinating if during the Nixon administration they really did fake it and there's there's a lot of weirdness why would they fake it well first of all to show military superiority to the Russians and again I'm not saying and I used to believe they did fake it I was I was heavily on the side that they faked it but then I realized I don't know Jack **** about astro physics I don't know Jack yeah Newmarket travel and I mean I'm just talking on my house of like me saying that they didn't go was literally an ignorant perspective just take just a guess balls just be being attracted to conspiracy theories yeah which is fun that's what the problem is that conspiracy theories are really fun so it's really fun UFOs really fun all that stuff just similar a lot of stuff to get to the get to the core because there's there's there's arguments on both sides there is but it's also you have to recognize in yourself that you do not want the official story to be true and I do not in almost every single thing that happens like you know moon landing or UFO landings or any crazy **** I always want the crazy **** to be real I always want the UFO thing to be a real thing they do have easily been aliens yes I think it's more than likely that there's something out there I mean like to feel like that where the only thing in the universe is a little ridiculous seem stupid seems pretty ignorant and arrogant yeah but I don't think that it's what we think it is I think it's a most likely far beyond the the places that we can currently travel to and I think that by the time they get to %HESITATION high level of sophistication there most likely not even organic anymore and I think that that's the future of the human race at levels of consciousness I think maybe that but I also think there's a real problem with the possibility of artificial intelligence I think human beings are about to create life whether we recognized as life or not what artificial life is going to be is life artificial intelligence is going to have the ability to change itself multiply what human beings have been able to do in terms of technological innovation by a rate of something insane like in two years they'll be able to do ten thousand years of innovation and in terms of like what we are capable of doing so I think that what we're looking at now is that the last days of biological life I think a hundred years now five and years now whatever it is there won't be biological humans anymore I think they'll disobedient archaic out don't world will change as we know it yeah and I said can I mean you know if I believe in everything the Bible says but you know was at world also the apocalypse the moment change you know and I think the pop groups low world will end as we know it right but I think the apocalypse like the stuff in the Bible that's all local like if you if you lived where hurricane Katrina hit you think the apocalypse is there right if you wear the end you know anywhere where something really ****ing crazy happen and you don't have any contact with the outside world no cell phones no radio no TV didn't exist share true you're isolated yeah I think that's what all of our our notions of the apocalypse are their periodic natural disasters that are unbelievably devastating like they've proven that the entire human race was was down to a few thousand people because of a super volcano around seventy thousand years ago