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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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horrible well you three ten ten and my sister was eight my dad on the go karts there's a big parking lot out back so we got like spray cans of eighty four whatever pop cans I don't know whatever yeah I grew up in the Midwest of pop %HESITATION and set him up in a big circle for my sister and I to go out and drive around driver go carts for the first time and %HESITATION my dad made there was a low mistake with the brake pedal and so it stopped working and %HESITATION since I'm ten and I'm so the young and dumb and I don't know what I'm doing young dumb and broke I guess I was yeah like the song goes %HESITATION but I %HESITATION I wanted to break it wasn't there so instead of just spinning out of continuing to turn I just went straight and I was headed for %HESITATION trailer like kind of a higher elevated trailer which would have resulted in decapitation and I swerved at the last second and hit a concrete wall and I like go flying in my arm lays back on the on the muffler in my school puffy jacket burns and like I bruises all up my legs and on my arms and %HESITATION that was my first time in a go kart within you know five or ten minutes of being out there and so on my dad's got a new one and built it and we went racing so maybe I am really brave I don't know you're right maybe it's the I always felt like an Indy car to some degree I wasn't brave because people are willing to do things that were perceivable more brave but I also I did describe them as dumb you're right now so I I you're probably a little right I'm maybe a little right to but you're right I think you definitely brave but I think there's definitely a line where bravery become stupid because the risk outweighs the reward one hundred percent yeah well that's that's a masculine thing in a lot of ways because it's testosterone makes you do really stupid **** does it will they're all competing against each other in a train out much to each other I mean you could go theirs is a bunch of Twitter accounts you can go and see what someone hold this beer yeah is a Twitter account called hold my beer while ID what exactly why do everything sounds like Peter jumped off roofs and stupid **** it's almost all men there's occasionally a drunk girl doing some stupid but it's almost entirely man so I think that men trying to out macho men are somewhat inferior then because they do a lot of dumb stuff maybe their hormones are not in balance like ours they definitely when competing against each other will do dumb **** then I try to surround us runs to blame will try to how much of each other yeah yeah I mean some don't summer smart and they don't but you know there's this is the part of being a man is like trying to prove that you're not scared also is part of being a man tell me about men but we wanna know now what else is smitten what else is the very manly that women don't understand what what does what does what what don't women understand about men that's a good question I have no idea what you understand about us maybe just speak from experience yeah but I don't I don't know what like if we ask a guy like what's wrong won't see that see that's although they're like with honey what's wrong with your own any like nothing sometimes are really is it really nothing that sometimes you just wonder like decompress okay you know sometimes just while so that and knowing when a girl does that depends on the girl you know well it depends the girl she's annoying yeah it's annoying but if you're in love with her and she's awesome than she can ask what is wrong nothing we're good it depends on the right one hundred percent that's a hundred percent yes if someone's asking you questions and you're getting really ****ing annoyed it's probably not the question it's probably more the person if you can't think someone's amazing and they ask you some stupid just laugh you won't get annoyed when you guys go bald joke around about how stupid it was how the question was dumb that's good get angry it's most likely you're just like annoyed anyway double yeah you're just like ready to read it ready to serve fall over that and knowing and to get out get out of my space kind of a attitude because they're already annoyed with them anyway your you don't really like them yeah this probably something thirty rubbing you the wrong when you're tolerating each other instead of enjoying each other yeah I mean I would imagine a person like you a very intense person you probably have a difficult time finding you know like if you get a square peg in a square hole and everything slides in together perfect everything's amazing personality wise do you know behavior wise I would imagine was some like you like it very particular you have to find someone who appreciates your intensity right yeah like it a lot of times geyser they wanna do me or you know sort of like domicile little creature what ever you need help me home well well he works on the table here when you get back right while you're out there for the ****ing go cart on a hundred fifty miles an hour in the drive way yeah yeah run in five businesses