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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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treat you with respect to the other like wow doing impress yeah yeah yeah they're cool with you the left she's one of us that's right and then there's a few that sticks and that those decks are just incorrigible and the amount of times I wish I was good at taking people out I wish people knew how hard it was actually take someone out on track it's not that easy you would because you can risk you raise yourself exactly yeah and if your car doesn't handle very well you can't get close enough to him if you could you would just move the air which is almost like hitting him and get him out of the way sometimes the cards and handle well enough so like you have to just bomb in there and god willing you head on to get you to slow down and then they'd go sailing and you keep going but it's risk the that's a rare moment right yeah have you done it before so I tried to take people I suck at it absolutely suck at I've taken myself out like three times trying to do it I mean look I'll be the lamb I don't mind it to make a point %HESITATION yeah I got to make a point to someone driving like a deck yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah there was %HESITATION want was the one that was the most sad was %HESITATION it was a couple years ago is a Martin's film this is when something was going down with it was Matt Kenseth and Joey look down now and it was during the chase which is the last ten races of the season and they were in the chase man Joey and %HESITATION Joe had made it so that Matt couldn't get in because he took about a week earlier weaker to earlier and then I got to Martinsville and it's a very very small short track just a half mile and so %HESITATION it it's easy to kind of be able to attack if you want to and so he just straight to come out and %HESITATION there's a whole big hoopla about it blow up in arms that was totally unfair and %HESITATION anyway during the same raise some asshole hits me takes spins me out and so I come back and I'm a lap down or something because he spends me out and I go to take him out and I just sail off into the corner he manages the kind of keep going I spend again because I'm horrible at it and %HESITATION it turns out that you know I get a fifty thousand dollar fine because I am I'm I'm not racing for position because I was a lap down %HESITATION and they applied that because that was also the same race that man Joey had their big thing and I think maybe joy was leading or something like I think he was leading and it was on a restart %HESITATION so they were racing for position either so that was kind of like there ruled that they put forth to make for I mean Joe Matt probably got a hundred or two hundred thousand dollar fine but %HESITATION there I am you know not that I'm definitely screwed in the scenario set up find fifty grand for it and I'm the one that's out so other guys if you're racing for position that it's okay to bump into each other apparently yes so really you're the one that screwed because if you're a singer if someone takes you out and then you're still racing for position now you're going to have to be potentially you know putting yourself in another position to get taken out when they started it a no win for the person that's being addressed was it always legal to bump into each other it's gone kind of through waves of different rules but yeah I mean it is legal when and whenever a big accident happens in the tragedy I would assume that that's when they tighten down the rules and sometimes sometimes not sometimes somebody just accept that the time has happened sometimes it's just usually if there something like that that happens it's not from one person's action that it's maybe a chain of events that leads to something like that it's one of the rare jobs that you do that's a sport of one of the rare sports where the potential for death is always there yeah that's true minister is that one of the reasons why you decided like and I am not a daredevil like I am not a daredevil I went bungee jumping and that is the bravest thing I've ever done otherwise and I only did it because I am afraid of heights so I just needed to know that if I had to conquer fear it could what's your definition of a daredevil you're here to do things are you could potentially get hurt so it's true you but you're a race card them a methodical driver a methodical I don't go out there and just you know hold it wide open until the car does something and I got better left now I'm like a methodical driver so I build up what I think what you're saying is you're not stupid I think that you know when I see it as like a really really nice way to say that you're not dumb but you're definitely daredevil thank you well I have to be I'm not there's no way you could not be I'm just not I'm serious slash when anybody that really knows me knows that I'm not brave aloha that so crazy mine now it's I I think you're talking crazy talk over here well you know it's true I I just have been grooming this talent since I was ten and twenty six years later I'm I'm okay with it I think it it's both of those things but I think there's no doubt that you're brave person is not actually my first time in a go kart was horrible well you three ten and my sister was eight my dad on the go karts there's a big parking lot out back so we got like