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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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intent in some sort of the way that you don't see visually but you you're recognized by their body language or it could be a bunch of things at play and run when you met me so now time for **** I would probably schedule do this interview so you couldn't but I was looking for this what a run I mean I was I was impressed by your intensity but I expected that in a way I mean I just don't see how you could be a race car driver and not be into specially be a woman in a race car driver not intense so that's nothing I even thought about until I was like fourteen %HESITATION for the first way late when I think about being a girl out there it wasn't until I had cameras following me around my schools and stuff that I was like I maybe this is and then they start asking about their like what's it like to be girly like generally I don't normally I really thought about that %HESITATION how many other girls do it I mean there are various girls here and there but you know like in all of NASCAR how many women are right a racing I'll %HESITATION at my level notice zero man that's crazy now that's pretty crazy Ono yeah that's right do it well take from Maine what's it like to be a girl in racing I'm like well I don't really know what it's like to be a guy so you know I only have my perspective that's true you know I mean I don't know it's like being a girl versus a guy what's the difference I don't know what they like to be a guy yeah probably different but I think that like what's it like to be a woman that's the only woman who's in NASCAR at your level that's that's a valid question mean that's crazy how does everybody else treat you yeah that that that really is the the main question I can't answer because I I'm not them in Iraq I know that %HESITATION from from it enough experience now because he's not really look into it much in an Indy car days you couldn't hit each other you know you really I mean it was you know you could block and things like that so there were some guys out there that we're assholes and I didn't like him but you know sometimes every driver has some dress some other drivers that they don't really get along with and so but in NASCAR you can hit each other and it's your bumpers and %HESITATION which is really cool but it also isn't cool because if somebody wants to do it they can so what would I say I would say that they don't want to get passed by a girl and you know what I don't either is that weird now I really don't I mean I've driven of race with girls and I don't I don't like it so do you do you feel differently when a guy passes you then when a girl passes you probably yeah yes in what way well you know it's just go internally pitch unlike I can't believe my cars and faster this sucks but the guy the path but then there are others that are not good that I'm like you know come on the radio and I'll be like yeah I just want you to see that what car passed me and how bad my car is out now right now so it happens with guys too but you know I don't know it's just a cultural norm that girls aren't good and allow you know are very good and that they they somewhat don't belong and I get like the little bit animosity at first but I would have thought that people got got used to it a little bit more than they did so but you have that cultural animosity or say a little bit yeah then I don't know where it comes from but when you say that it's a it's a cultural norm that girls aren't good you don't think about that about yourself now yeah see I knew that there's you don't have any doubts nine right ever run out there like you suck because of this and I'm gonna be too because of that and right to hate you and think because I'm a girl I'm not as good as them no not at all so why would you think that about the other I don't know what I'm not used to it right something you're not used to make sense yeah I'm also it's like your unique I mean what if you're out there in the gym and some girl comes and picks up more weight than union like that's weird databases on roads she probably would be that Amazon still weak and some genetic freak I tried a signer bring it to you know getting to you know throw a punch yeah I don't know I think %HESITATION I think we all have %HESITATION cultural prejudices yeah to a certain extent whether we admit it or not and you know maybe you're not a bigot maybe you're just maybe just have reservations in your pleasantly surprised when people surpass those expectations yeah you know but I would think that %HESITATION you would experience probably more discrimination as a woman %HESITATION than I mean if you think about a woman doing almost any other job like if you're telling me you're the only woman that does that and you're at this intense macho job this is a ****ing intense job and you're going to wander miles out what what is it it's nuts that's crazy job and you're out there at the top of the food chain with all these men yeah I would I would imagine there's two things that happened there's a bunch of guys that treat you with respect to the other like wow still impressed yeah yeah yeah they're cool with you the left she's one of us that's right and then there's a few that sticks