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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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I now am I have a book that just came out %HESITATION to beginning of the year my winds finally been for sale for a year now %HESITATION and there's other projects I'm working on two but and you know finishing off my career in a pretty big way so I guess she was right I think that ladies full **** nothing exotic you gas I think she looked to you in like this ticks can kick ass I'll just make somebody think she recognized me then she's like okay so when I sat down she was like right the way it works here is like I just see words or symbols are things around you some I just look around like don't think I'm not paying attention to is just how I see things and so much more at some sitting there she's telling me all this stuff and she says whatever my job is I travel a lot and things like that and she all the sudden because look at me shook over she goes celebrity are you a celebrity and I was like time only am if you think I am which is usually how I answer people %HESITATION so I don't know does she know what was up in Sedona they don't watch a lot of TV and on things you don't think so now do a snared in when no one's their lunch break areas you know the rest of crystals on the TV I just legally sending positive vibes almost all bull**** I think almost all psychic stuff is bull**** I think you don't believe in the end then being intuitive thing into intuition is a different thing I think when people sit down there so I see you in a past life and you are hand made and you do you work by the river **** outta here I think that's all bull **** I think those people are just nuts and there's a lot of people that want to think they're special and they want to think that special gifts in there everybody does people get really good at reading people I know people who are professional magicians and they are expert cold readers they could sit down with you and breed and tell you remarkable amounts of things with you about your life just with your answers to questions huh they'll tell you right away they're not psychic like there's a guy named bandit check was excellent at it he's fantastic he does a show in Vegas any freaks people out one will tell you right away I am not a psychic he's like this is it there's techniques to this I'm something I've been doing my whole life and you just get really good at it and he knows how to do it and these people are con artists their their con artists they did trick you into thinking that they have spent but they might even believe it themselves as part of the problem a lot of those people con themselves but I think there is something like when you think about someone and they call you know where you have talked to those kinds of synchronicity is that pop up in your life like all got us thinking about that movie and there it is on TV it's entirely possible that there's some bizarre connection that we don't totally understand to advance into people into things like attracts like or where attention goes energy flows yeah there's probably a lot to that certain magnetism to those things that bring it together yes maybe but I think it's very very poorly understood and there's a lot of woot that's clouding it up and now woo gets in the way of rational logical educated people even considering it they dismiss it instantaneously because its connected to somebody and assholes with neon signs it's a card reader palm reader and these people that just they're just ripping you off that's all they're doing they don't have a real job they sit down and talk to people for a job and you know you could say it's entertainment you could say that what they're doing is they're they're providing you with a service that service they sit down with you and and maybe by telling you that everything's going to be amazing you'll walk out of there was a lot of enthusiasm and then life will be amazing who not usually that if you think your life's gonna be amazing it will be now now you get it down here can you could fall to a crack in the ground from an earthquake mean with those people that died in the tsunami in Thailand with a bad people now they just there is there any level of Lou that's worth following through on I think it's all things I think the some some of the connections and the intuition and some superstitions and ideas that we have a probably based in this limited understanding that we have in the connection that we have to events and humans in life but I think there's also bull**** involved too and all these things get very cloudy I don't think there's an absolute but I think it's it's entirely possible that intuition is a developing sense that we don't totally have yet I think if you think about all the things that people can do hearing and seeing and touching and smiling all the different senses that we have we assume that that covers the full gamut of possibilities but I don't think that's true now I think you're right and I mean even totally visually you know we don't see the full spectrum of we see a very small amount of things that are out there yen all audio as well you know we we can hear all the sounds yeah I mean sent it's entirely possible that there's more going looked is certain people that have a weird feel to them he needed me like I was carrying this guy yeah this debt is definitely people that they're giving off weird feelings and it could be that your reading their intent and some sort of a the way that you don't see visually but you you're recognized by their body language or it could be a bunch of things a plate and run when you met me so