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#1065 - Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a professional racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman. Her new book called "Pretty Intense" is available now.

Jan 2018 135 min

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involved in a very manly activity and I'm sure man probably test you in some sort of a weird way and so I bet along the way you've developed this Lars sort of like way of addressing them right away like a listen mother ****er like sometimes just like that yeah I mean I think you probably have to you know I would imagine to be strong you have to I remember when I was younger and going to meetings with companies are team bosses people like that and was the advice given was don't say all I think service and may be like you be sure about what you want and then I remember that so yeah nature versus nurture some of its learn but some of it's just there yeah you can't turn a timid person to you maybe could but I mean it's not not likely be you would you would you seem to be like this person this is just who we are if you're telling me that at ten years old you're thinking about being an engineer should work on race cars that's not normal yeah I mean what's normal what you want to do when you're ten years old I had no idea I probably want to be an artist thing I want to be in order that's kinda even I'm not that follows this vein sort of yeah but like I used to want to draw comic books I did a lot of that now so that was probably when I wanted but did I was never like what I need to do is like I need to figure out a way to make my hand stronger so drop faster like Stephen mind I did not go to college in fact any finish high school he didn't at all nope I left when I was sixteen and I got my GED wow what an eye failed the first time while you wanna know why yeah okay good %HESITATION because that's like a horrible like I failed my Jedediah would cheese %HESITATION idea the constitution test the something at least in Illinois I don't know if you have to pass it in every state but in Illinois you do and so in eighth grade to go to high school you have to get a seventy percent or above to go to high school I got a seventy seven to high school now I'm like a three point five and above student like I was agencies not a problem for some reason the constitution and government and all of those sectors and names and holy moly it's so confusing to me so %HESITATION so then when it came time to to do might take my GED I didn't study at all I just took the test and I failed the constitution cast spoilers here for the yeah I mean I I've never studied in my life so I just anything now really yeah the only thing I study apple and a well studied %HESITATION if I'm doing a speech or if I'm doing an of something for a for a company for a sponsor and I need to make sure that I have my talking points ready I mean I spend fifteen minutes or thirty minutes or five minutes making sure that I am organized in my head about what it is that I need to get out there so that I can do my job %HESITATION and deliver but other than that I I never study in school keep in mind I don't have to go to school that long and every I mean I only went to school to Los sixteen so it's been a really really really long time since I went to school but you're very smart home I don't know see I I know you're smart thank you well but do you do you read %HESITATION I actually I want to start reading more I've got a lot of books that I want to read I started reading a book called the holographic universe okay Michael Talbot right yeah yeah could book isn't injured yes a lot of stuff in that you like women's discount drugs like Natalie is a lot of will we would I think I'm a little loose so it's good I am in simple books like the alchemist and stuff I just really want to read these books I mean and %HESITATION yeah that's more we will yeah leader and we will **** yeah I am why do you think that that is the race car thing do you think that now like this has nothing to do and I think this is your S. just who I am I remember getting a psychic reading when I was eighteen years old living in England yeah yeah I I bought like and a good man's love signs like astrology book when I was a kid so when you were sixteen and you got a psychic reading that I totally had a mood ring though rings are great sorry go ahead do what did the what they tell you they tell you can't remember I can't remember but when I was talking about signing my contract and %HESITATION when mercury's in retrograde that was ice I talked to an astrologer and she said just don't sign any contracts and I was like well what it was I mean I was kind of learning about some of the stuff because it was quite a few years ago now but I I am I remember the next does it the year and a half later so and you know should hit the fan and I was like damn astrologer was right now okay Mercury Records pretty standard information if you're in astrology at all but %HESITATION but yeah she said I saw psychic in Sedona a few years ago and she said that professionally over the next four years your life's gonna go boom boom boom boom boom and I thought man I went bunch of braces is gonna be awesome and instead I %HESITATION %HESITATION have clothing line now whom I have a book that just came out %HESITATION to beginning of the year my winds finally been for sale for a year now %HESITATION and there's other projects I'm working on